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How does this make you feel? - iaskquestions

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September 29th, 2005

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08:10 pm - How does this make you feel?
Taken from someone else on LJ.

Here is my 5 point plan for dealing with children. Children are defined as anyone below the age of 12. Exceptions are made for girls 10 and above who bloomed early.

1. There should be a mandatory curfew for children. They should only be allowed in public from 3-5pm Monday-Friday; and 11am -6pm on the weekend.
While they are in public, the parents are responsible for having some way to entertain them. A portable DVD player with earphones is great. Any clear plastic bag is an economical alternative. Don't give your child a noisy handheld video game: it's like handing the child a drum or a fistful of fireworks. While, I have no problem with you giving your child a fistful of fireworks, I just ask that you do it at home.

2. One child is allowed in public per adult supervisor. No more field trips, no more haggard women towing 5 screaming kids through the mall. If you're pregnant that counts as your 1 kid.

3. Children are not allowed in movie theatres, or restaurants. The only exceptions being themed restaurants, fast food joints, G-rated movies, or anything with Sandra Bullock.

4. Children in public need to be drugged to make them quiet and compliant.
Parents who do not want to drug their children must physically restrain them. They need to be muzzled, and strapped down to handcarts; sort of like how they used to wheel Hannibal Lecter around in, "Silence of the Lambs".

5. Children not restrained (see above) will be equipped with leashes and shock collars. The controls for the shock collars will be publicly available. Anyone seeing a misbehaving child will have the ability to activate the shock collars.

Parents and children unwilling to follow these rules will be sent to labor camps where they will sew t-shirts, or build shock collars and handcarts.
The other option for parents who don't want to follow these rules is to leave their children at home when they go out. That's why God made TV, and books of matches.

So in closing, please write to your congressman, representative, or local warlord, and tell them you want them to endorse the T-Shirt Hell Childcare Act of 2005. If they refuse, tell them you know all about the videotape.
You don't need to be specific; they'll know what you're talking about.

From T Shirt Hell

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Date:September 30th, 2005 08:40 am (UTC)
Oh, I have an anecdote from my waitressing days.

This family came in, it was a large group of about 10, which is pretty chaotic to begin with. But they had this kid... this nasty little demon child, I swear... This was a BUSY BUSY BUSY restaurant, in the middle of lunch time rush, and this little fucker is being allowed to run around... like RUN... in curcles, almost crashing into staff carrying 2, 3 and 4 plates of food at at time... some of it HOT... and these parents did nothing!!! NOTHING!!! My manager told them he can't run around like that and they just glared at him and a few minutes later, this little bastard is running around terrorizing the whole restaurant again, and they still had the audacity to do nothing. So my manager told me to pick him up and put him in his seat and tell him to stay there and ignore the parents.

They glared at me every time I did it!!! The last time, I caught him putting his fingers in the automatic doors!!! And he would whine like a little brat when I picked him up. What a little fucker and what revolting parents. Every time I think back, I just can't believe it.

Don't get me started about BABIES in the movie theatre. If your baby starts crying, PLEASE LEAVE!!! you're ruining the whole movie for everyone.

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